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About Us

Welcome to 247 Door Repair Bronx- door repair experts that you can trust! We take pride of our long lists of satisfied customers both in business sector as well as to Bronx residents who have long benefited from our quality door repair. The undying support of our clients have always enthused us to do our very best in each and every project. Our commitment to the highest degree of professionalism and provide 100% customer satisfaction encourage our team to constantly seek for improvement on the services delivered as well as to the business itself.
In accordance to the commitment or better say our goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction, we explore the market just to find the state-of-the-art products, technology as well as repair and installation methods. But of course, satisfactory service does not just depend on the quality of materials or products used. The skills of installers and technicians also determine the end result. So we make sure to hire only the best of the best.
Currently, we have a strong team of seasoned and adept professionals who are constantly seeking for opportunities to further hone their abilities so to provide unrivaled service. For every project delivered, Door Repair Bronx oblige the repair technicians or installers to be deployed to always bear in mind a certain thing- Always finish the work like its being done to your own house.

What We Do

Residential Door repair

Home Security should always be your topmost priority. You never know when criminals will strike your personal haven so it is always better to ensure that the entry to your home (door) perform as expected- keeping enemies away. When your door unfortunately breaks down, may it be due to years of wear and tear or any other reason, and then it is important to immediately have it repaired. DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to do the repair by themselves. However, prior on grabbing your tool kits, it is better to think twice and consider hiring the professionals.


Basically, doors have some common problems such as off-track doors, sticking doors, off-the-hinges doors, out-of-frame doors, warped doors, misaligned doors, sagging doors, noisy doors, and many more. No matter what your home door repair is, our door specialist will get you covered.
Commercial Door Repair
We service numerous types of commercial doors. We do sliding glass door repair, glass door repair, and many more. Our highly trained team of door repairman understands that the need of commercial doors is quite different from residential one. Therefore, they went through extensive trainings to ensure that they perform a job well done and the business is highly secured.
Installation Services
When the damage goes severe and a simple repair cannot treat the problem, then this calls for door replacement or installation of an entire new door. We offer exterior door installation, front door installation and installing interior door. Our team of highly trained installers will always arrive at your property fully-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and skill. We guarantee our valued clients with precise door installation done in an effective, cautious and timely fashion.
We also do some maintenance. So if you are too tired of handling maintenance task or do not have the time to mind this stuff, then you can leave the job to our experts. We will make sure your door will last long.

Why Choose Door Repair Bronx?

• Up-to-date technology and techniques. Our experts constantly undergoing trainings to make sure they are always updated of the latest techniques and innovative technology in the industry.
• Reliable, Prompt and Professional. Our team upholds the highest possible level of professionalism in everything we do. Moreover, we value integrity and reliability. We believe that reliability is an important factor that will prove our clients about our worth in the industry. We also make sure to finish each task within the time duration.
• State-of-the-art Equipment- To better serve our clients and deliver fast repair and installation, we invest in cutting-edge equipment.


• Customized systems. No size fits all- we are fully aware of this! So when the standard solutions do not fit your specifications and requirements, we will be willing to collaborate with you to find the best probable solution or system.
• Efficient and Reasonably-priced Service. We value each and every penny paid by our valued customer. We know how hard it is to earn money and will never take advantage of your need for door installation and repair. We do every possible solution to make our service affordable without compromising the quality. We give price that justify our service.
• Highly-trained door experts- You deserve the best so we employ only the best! Highly trained door experts will help you get the door of your dreams.
• Comprehensive range of services. We are your one-stop-shop for door needs and concern. Whether it is repair, replacement or installation, we will get you covered.
• Wide range of quality products. We focus on the quality. No matter what you need- whether an entire new door or just a frame, you will have a product that will last long.
• Topnotch Customer service. We are working towards building good relationship with our clients so we will start that through ensuring top in line customer service.

Contact Us

Your home is your personal haven that should be secured at all times. You shed tears and sweat just to grow your business, so you must also secure this all the time. And one way to secure your property is to have a strong door that will keep burglars and crooks away. But this should not only serve as your defense against criminals. Doors should also add a curb appeal to your home.
Our team is dedicated not just on providing products and service that will enhance your property’s safety and security but also its beauty. Security and beauty- trust this to us.
Have some question? Wish to know us more? Looking for door maintenance service? Need professional and reliable repairman? Or simply want to install new door? Please feel free to contact one of our representatives. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable customer service staff is just waiting for your call.

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